Welcome to the Nouveau Hope Counseling Secure Client Area

Welcome to Nouveau Hope Counseling & Psychiatric Services. We are looking forward to walking along side you with compassion and care to discover how to transform the feelings of being overwhelmed, life changes and transitions into seeing your present and future in a different light.

Together we can explore your feelings and focus on your strengths & self care to develop new skills to make life more manageable for your complete health and well being. We need to nurture our emotional, spiritual and physical beings. Our philosophy is to utilize interventions that are natural along with pharmaceutical interventions to assist you in your wellness journey.

Every individual is unique along with situations and beliefs. Together we will explore your goals based on your values. Psychiatry and Therapy is an investment into you and those you love. We utilize the following interventions: Psychiatry with traditional pharmaceuticals and holistic nutraceuticals; CBT Therapy; ART Therapy.

We offer convenient Telehealth (video sessions).